Steven Nakisher Shares the Shark Tank Experience and discusses the Entrepreneurial Spirit

 Steven Nakisher Shares the Shark Tank Experience and discusses the Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Usually, in this space Shane Talbott shares his creative vision and some of the inspirations behind Talbott Teas.   While Shane has continued to draw inspiration from the many people who have contacted him with their ideas after seeing him on Shark Tank, Today’s posting however comes from Steven Nakisher, who drives the “business side” of Talbott Teas.


Being an entrepreneur often feels like an arduous calling.  There is a lot of hard work, uncertainty,hope and even moments of despair.  Throughout our venture, we often felt alone by trying to find the way to have our product find its tipping point.  We just kept working hard, solving problems, and keeping our focus.  Our friends and family thought we were a little crazy for risking so much and working as hard as we were working.

After appearing on Shark Tank, I started to connect with hundreds of fellow entrepreneurs about their products, passion, as well as the ups and downs of their journey.  I thought we were the only one who were crazy enough to follow the roller coaster of the road less traveled.  Well, it’s clear that I was wrong.  There are so many creative and passionate people out there who are doing the exact same thing, risking it all and working harder than any job you could ever find.  In many ways, I feel like I’ve found “my people”  I have been contacted by so many people who are looking for funding, trying to get on Shark Tank, wanting some advice, or just calling to connect.   I have to say that I’ve enjoyed these conversations so much.  Entrepreneurs need to find each other and stick together, as I continue to learn how universal problems are.  I truly feel that I’ve been helped more than any advice I’ve given.

-Steven Nakisher-


One comment on “Steven Nakisher Shares the Shark Tank Experience and discusses the Entrepreneurial Spirit

  1. That is for sure, being an entrepreneur really is hard work and lonely. Unless you have owned your own business I wonder if you could possible know. It is a tuff job, but we love it!

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