Macarons -The New Foodie Fashion

From Malibu to Miami,  foodies and fashionistas all across the U.S. , are catching on to the next big thing in the dessert world… macarons.

Just the other day I was talking with a new vendor about how macarons are far more of luxurious and decadent treat than the cupcakes that are now offered everywhere.  It seems as soon as I said that, I started to notice tons of articles and blogs dedicated to the macaron.

One article titled “Mac Attack” written by Josh Ozersky in the December 12th issue of Time Magazine featured a line I loved “Cupcakes are Coach to macarons Chanel”

Josh related macarons to fashion, much in the way we have always related our gourmet tea to fashion.

As smooth as crushed velvet and as sensual as silk, Talbott Teas are pure couture. I believe the fabric of a great tea is its ingredients. And as the “tea couturier,” I select the most voluptuous textures and striking shades of flavor, then weave them into beverages that dazzle and inspire.

Of course, after spending time thinking about macarons, we just had to treat ourselves.  They were a delicious way to accessorize our Luscious Lemon Meringue tea.


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