Shane Talbott shares our Moving Adventure

We have been a bit preoccupied lately preparing for a big move.  Due to recent growth we needed to find a bigger space.   Fortunately, we found a space that is perfect for us, just “around the bend” as they say.

For the last two weeks we have been packing up everything at our old space, and preparing our new space.   The preparation has been exciting and exhausting and everyone  in the office went above and beyond expectations to pull of the move.  

We also are very grateful to our neighbors at our old space, the good folks at Urban Accents who were helpful,gracious and supportive during our move.

We also learned a few things along the way:

Nothing shows how far you have come or how much you have grown as packing boxes and coming across things you forgot you had.  You find yourself remembering events you participated in, and the  extraordinary people you met. You see how your packaging and products have evolved and the steps the business has taken to become successful.

As you sort through all the things you have stored, you find yourself thinking “why in the world did I save this?”  You decide ‘okay, it’s time to throw this away”, only to have someone else come along and try and convince you to bring it with you, and that even though you haven’t used it in years, you may be able to find a use for it. In the end, clearer heads prevail, and the long outdated item gets tossed (unless of course someone decided to sneak it on the moving truck while you weren’t looking).

Our old space was a shared space.  While packing we stumbled across a few items we didn’t know were there.  While finding things may be a common occurrence, we are willing to bet we had one of the more unique finds:

A bowling alley lane!                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Now we are ready to get back to work and settle in to our new space.   We want to thank  you all for your business and support through the years.   We look forward to continuing to provide you with the finest gourmet tea products.
– Shane Talbott



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