A Survey Proves What We Always Knew, People Love Green Tea


A national survey released by Technomic* this week found 10% of U.S. consumers are purchasing more iced tea by the cup or glass than they did two years ago.   Hot tea was the choice of 28% of customers and 34% report drinking dispensed iced tea. 

Accordng to their survey they found  that when it comes to flavors, 73% of consumers chose antioxidant-rich green tea because of its healthful benefits, making it the most appealing flavor for hot or iced tea.

We have always known how much our customers love green tea.   We have a line of gourmet green teas with fantastic flavor blends that not only smell and taste great, but are beautiful to look at as well.

Our Green Tea Heaven a full-leaf Japanese Sencha green tea, with raspberry pieces, strawberry pieces, natural strawberry and blueberry flavors.


Our Citrus Appeal is a Japanese Sencha green tea with lemon, pineapple and grapefruit

Our Field of Purple Flowers is a full leaf Japanese Sencha green tea, with hibiscus, grapefruit peel, pineapple pieces, calendula petals, lemon and natural grapefruit flavor

To learn more about all our gourmet tea blends, visit www.talbottteas.com


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