Shane Talbott talks about what’s in season at local orchards

Yesterday we overheard some folks talking about planning a trip to the apple orchard.   Late August is the start of the apple picking season.

After checking out some websites to see what is in season at some local orchards, we learned that right now blueberries and peaches are at their peak.  Of course that reminded us of our Blueberry Peach Passion tea, a South African rooibos with blueberries and peaches.

And it also reminded us of  our Blissful Blueberry, a herbal blend with real blueberries, apples, hibiscus and black currant leaf.

As for the apples, only a few varieties are available for picking right now, but in the next few weeks apples of all varieties will start to peak.   We found a site that may be helpful should you want to plan a trip to go apple picking  at a local orchard:

The site has great info including a feature that lets you search for orchards near you.

Since our teas are always in season, you can pick  up your favorites at:


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