Shane Talbott reviews The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz


Just finished reading  The Sweet Life in Paris  by David Lebovitz.


Caution: reading this book will make you HUNGRY!

David is an American chef living in Paris since 2008. He is former Sous Chef to the acclaimed San Francisco Bay area Chef Alice Waters that decided it was time for him to fully immerse himself in Parisian life. Every chapter of his book ends in a couple of his recipes for something mouth watering and inspiring

Throughout the book I kept thinking of which Talbott Teas flavors I would pair with each of David’s delectable recipes. His daily life in Paris uncovers his culinary discoveries, as well as his take on the quirks on the Parisian culture. Much of his perspective will leave you with a good laugh and some “food” for thought!

This book is an absolute joy to ready anytime, but especially if you are planning a summer trip to Paris.


-Shane Talbott


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