Shane Tackles “Rhubarb Pie” – A Tea Pairing Challenge –

Here in the Talbott Teas office, we always enjoy challenging Shane Talbott to pair food items with Talbott Teas flavors.  This week’s challenge was inspired by the fresh fruits and veggies we spotted at our local farmers market. 
The Challenge:
We asked Shane to pair a Talbott Teas flavor with Fresh Rhubarb Pie. No surprise, he nailed it. 
Shane’s Reply:
“Yum, Rhubarb! I would love to have a pot of Green Tea Heaven with my slice. Japanese Sencha is blended with real strawberries and would be a delicious pairing. “
as a bonus question, we asked Shane to pair a Talbott Teas flavor with Homemade Peach Cobbler.
Shane’s Reply:
“My grandmother’s recipe for Peach Cobbler makes me melt! She always used the freshest pick of the summer. While she did not put blueberries in her recipe, I think that peaches and blueberries are a great combination. That is why I would have a tall glass of iced  Blissful Blueberry. Now that is what I call summer! “
A New Challenge  coming next Thursday.   Have a tea pairing challenge for Shane?  Send your challenge to us here at

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