Change things up this season and try a Holiday Tea Cocktail!

Holiday Tea Cocktails

Here at Talbott Teas we know that sometimes the best way to spice up your favorite tea
is to add a splash of excitement so we’ ve found some fabulous Holiday Cocktails, “ Tea-
tinis” if you will, for you to try as the weather turns and celebrating becomes a must.

Before you get to serving your friends these delicious concoctions, let’ s talk about
infusing your favorite spirits with tea.

Infusing Instructions:
• Steep six teabags (six teaspoons of loose tea if that’ s more your style) in one 750ml
bottle of your favorite clear spirit (vodka works best) for four to six hours or overnight.
It’ s best to poor the vodka into a jar or container that will allow you to easily remove the
teabags after steeping.
• Stir or shake the jar occasionally, you will notice a change in color from the infusion.
• Remove the tea bags and you’ re ready to celebrate!

Now that you know how to infuse, let’ s talk tea. Depending on what you’ re looking for in
a tea cocktail this holiday, there are several directions you can go in.

If you’ re looking for the big, discernible flavors of a Black tea, mixing vodka infused
with Talbott Teas’ Caramel Sunday Escape, Steamy Cinnamon Rose, or Cocoa
Cardamom Seduction with a vanilla-infused Cognac or vanilla liqueur will certainly be a
great way to spend some time fireside.

If you’ re more of a Green tea fan, then mixing vodka infused with Talbott Teas’ Green
Tea Heaven or Citrus Appeal with fresh-squeezed lime juice, agave nectar and Cointreau
for a light and bright cocktail is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Be adventurous, be creative, and be merry! The holidays are all about having fun with
those you’ re closest to and Talbott Teas is here to help you with cocktail suggestions for
your next party or for just a quiet night with that special someone.

Talbott Teas are sold at Bloomingdale’ s, the Four Seasons, and at



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