Shane’s 5 tips for throwing a tea party on Access Hollywood!


Lady Gaga famously sent sales of teacups soaring in Britain after revealing she’s a tea fanatic. Donald Trump has his own line of tea. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise love to have tea for two at Alice’s Tea Cup in New York.

And now, with all eyes on Britain and the royal couple, “taking tea” has never been hotter. Want to throw your own tea party?

Shane Talbott, Founder of Talbott Teas (one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!), shares five tips for hosting a great tea party.

Turn your favorite beautiful or comfy spot into a tea party. One of the great things about having a tea party is that there is no need to set a formal table. Cozy up to a window with a great view, slide a few comfy chairs around a coffee table (tea table!) and you are ready to go.

A tea party is the best excuse to show off some of those dishes you don’t use on a daily basis. I love to mix and match. Have fun by mixing only 2 settings of any style. It makes a great conversation topic to compare each other’s teacups.

There are so many delicious teas to choose from, where do you begin? No need to go with an old, traditional Darjeeling. How about a delicious Rooibos blend like our Luscious Lemon Meringue! It pairs well with sweet and savory treats and is chock-full of antioxidants that are so good for you.

I just melt over a delicious macaroon! They are the perfect bite-size morsels of sweet and delicate delight. Bakeries have gotten quite creative with flavor combinations, including using tea itself to infuse into the delectable filling.

I never sweeten with processed sugar. The best sweetener for tea is honey. Not only is it all natural and unprocessed, but it also adds such a delightful flavor to any cup of tea.

Talbott Teas are sold at Bloomingdale’s, the Four Seasons,

By Ryan Patterson



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