True creativity in action is one of those rare gifts that certain people know how to execute. Unfortunately, it is a gift that I am not particularly blessed with. Creative people see things in unique and innovative ways. Then, they are able to transform their creativity into an inspirational product that touches people in special ways. I am amazed watching Shane put together the pieces to create a new product. During this process, he disappears in the middle of the night, and in the morning, it is like the elfs have been working all night. Since, part of the product development is designing tea, I’m not surprised if the caffeine is part of what keeps him working through the night. This morning, the pieces all looked like they were coming together and I thought the project was complete. After I finished reviewing his work, I looked up and Shane was dressed and ready to go. He said, “I’m off to find more creativity.” Looking for creativity? I was confused. He explained that he needed to spend the afternoon window shopping and walking through a museum. He said, “I’m almost there. I can see there is a piece missing. I feel really close to hitting the mark.” I guess perfection has its price. In my eyes, this is creativity in action


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