Have you had a Titini™ yet???


If you enjoy a fantastic cocktail from time to time, the next one has got to be a Titini™.

What exactly is a Titini™? Well, as you might suspect, a Titini™ is a martini mixed with tea. They are of course best mixed with any flavor of Talbott Teas. And how might you get one of these fabulous new drinks? Go to your local bar and ask for a Titini™. You might have to explain it to the bartender, but once he mixes it for you you’ll be so glad you did! And don’t worry, soon enough this term will be common knowledge in the most sophisticated clubs and pubs, it is already sweeping through some of the best bars in New York City and Chicago.

Combine delicious and healthful Talbott Teas with your favorite spirits in an ice cold martini glass, and you’ll never go back to vodka and olives again!



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