Talbott Teas at the Oprah Store

Stop by the Oprah Store today and buy your Talbott Teas today!

At Ms. Winfrey’s request, 6 custom tea blends were created using South African rooibos as a  compliment to the handmade South African crafts in the store, as well as the colorful monogrammed tea sets.  You will also find gift sets of  Talbott Teas that will make a great gift to any tea lover! Add one of Oprah’s monogrammed mugs and a book and you’ve got the perfect gift set.

One tea in particular is sold exclusively at the Oprah Store. The tea blend called Field of Purple Flowers is a delicious blend of Japanese green tea with a great peach flavor and features beautiful purple mallow flower petals to make this tea a beautiful tea to look at, as well as drink!

The Oprah Store is located just one block over from the Chicago landmark, Harpo Studios, just west of downtown.

The Oprah Store, 37 N. Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL 60607


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